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Why Best Products Can Be Lost In Marketing Competition ???

Currently, many business players who have short thinking in terms of marketing a product. They assume that if you want to win in the competition of marketing a product is enough to make or produce a good quality product ... But it turns out that opinion is wrong ... The quality of the product can not determine success in marketing the product itself ... They do not whatever is done taking into account their competitors to win the marketing of a product
 There are several other causes that can lead to the best products actually fell in the competition. Causes that usually occurs as the availability of funds, the absence of product innovation updates, weak distribution and too perfectionist, could be a stumbling block numbers to win the competition.So winning the competition in a business is not just about good products and perfect it. You must consider various factors that may affect the fall of the products you have. Do not let a mistake - a mistake that you think is small can destroy the best product that you have.

The views of the causes of the defeat of products is delivered by Nicolas Wittenborn in an article published in the Medium. He explained about how best product does not necessarily become the winner of a business competition. Many things become factors will cause the defeat of a product. So what are the causes? see explanation 6 causes the best product to lose in the competition.

1. Ignore the Network Effect 

Liquidity is a key to success for a business to win the market, society and everything that grows on a network. Scale first is something that is very important moreover it provides significant developments that can not be described with words - words. The real winner is the winner who can win the competition in all categories that exist in a market.

2. The slow process of internationalization 

In a business you surely will be dealing with local competitors as soon as your business concept proved to walk or even before your business goes. You should soon start to see a lot of followers who entered the market you are entering. And immediately undertake the development of a much broader market.

3. Too Perfectionist 

Have a high expectation of reasonable if you are setting up your product as good as possible. But whether to start with all of it is the right decision. Many businesses fall when investing in designs and products. You have to remember you can memperharaui your product regularly and relaunch the product you have.

4. Loss of Direction

 In the business world you probably will not ever get a perfect product. But you do not fear failure. Make sure you take the right decisions while you are developing a product that you have. Do not let the obstacles that appears to make you lose your way.

5. Weak Distribution

 Distribution is key to the survival of a #startup. But in fact many teams that focus on the product does not recognize it. Especially for large products that convert more good things than mediocre product, startup that focuses on product if it has thought to develop the distribution startup will lose a lot of opportunities to get the right distribution for this startup.

6. Lack of Funding 

Many of the businesses are too focused on their products and they get caught up in the way to success. Focusing on product is legitimate - legitimate course but they also have to think about funding, if they release a subtly funding then they give a chance to their competitors for first drove aggressively to obtain funding.

All the above article is a point that should not dismiss you to continue to be creative to deliver a better product. While having a great product will definitely give you an edge over your competitors in a variety of direct comparison.

In a competitive market the idea that the best product does not automatically win more than mere wishful thinking because although adan great products but points - points above it is still often the case it can be said of your product can fail. However, if you can build a product that is really great, you are already half way in taking that success, and immediately realize the product.

So that I can convey Why Best Products Can Be Lost In Marketing Competition ??? .. May be useful for you all ..Send Regards For Success ...

Trying Amazon Affiliate Business Succes, Inc. is a multinational electronic commerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States. Jeff Bezos founded the company (with the name Cadabra) in July 1994 and the site on the air with the name of 1995 Amazon has several retail website for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and China, with international shipping some of its products to other countries

Parties gives publishers the opportunity to have a website or blog to earn money from his website by offering affiliate programs (Amazon Associates), and all the publishers around the world can participate in this program.

To become an affiliate as the seller or products we have to register first (free), for the registration you can visit the website affiliate program. The Commission obtained by the publisher every time there is a sale of affiliates link is 4% - 8.5% of the total price of the goods sold, the more products sold, the percentage of the amount of commission will be many more.

For my friends who are just starting out or after reading this just want to start, here are some tips to be successful in business Amazon Affiliate

1 Attach Items Best Seller
Installing the best seller of goods that will allow friends to sell goods / amazon products displayed on your website or blog. as another instance of goods sold at the amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon's tablet computers are much-loved in the world and the Kindle fire on the search engines like google could be around 1 million keywords per day. of course this will make it easier to sell amazon products.

2 Do not Use 1 Id Tracker Only for some Website
If friends run a few websites but only using one tracker id only then you have made a big mistake. why is that? because by using 1 tracker ID just so friends can not monitor or know any websites that are growing and which websites are dim or not running. Therefore put on more than one tracker ID will allow you to determine what items are in demand at one of your website

3 Familiarize Discussing Something then associate with Amazon Products
Well mistakes most actors Indonesian affiliate. average they do posts on A and put amazon products that are not related to the A. for the blogger friends who want a successful affiliate business make it a habit to discuss the product or meriview but associate the goods in accordance with what you review. for example you meriview Ultimate Acer Aspire S2 then make it a habit to put a link of this product are available at amazon and put it in the post / article you. Do not even you put another link such as link apple laptops, or laptops hp. etc.

Put links Affiliate Figure 4.
By putting a picture and make a direct link to amazon will make post / article you are interesting. if the reader has to feel attracted to your post and want to buy a product that you describe in web / blog. he would easily buy it by clicking on the image available in your posts. do not forget to put the pictures in accordance with your goods diartikel your review.

5 Use the rules of SEO Friendly
using the web / blog seo friendly will facilitate web / blog friends appear in the search engines. use good writing, no copy and paste, in accordance with good language kaedah. and as much as possible to make your website or blog sepropesional possible.

Step 6: Use the Amazon button Buy Now
buy amazon Because according to the survey mentioned that this amazon button will add confidence blogatau readers to buy through your website.

7-Day Focus On Big Day
Surely you know that the great days people will usually spend a lot of money to shop well use this time to determine what the target-related goods and much sought after on the big day. For example, on Black Friday in the United States where in the day people flock to shop and see what items are being crowded at that time such as the Apple products including the Apple Ipad 2 then increase related posts on the Apple Ipad 2 once again to remember as much as possible record and review the items you want to sell over the internet.

A few tips via amazon affiliate business success, if your friends are already much business amazon affiliate may be shared with the comment below, so that all friends of science can be followed by another amazon beginner businessmen

How to Increase Blog Traffic and Website Visitors Quickly

For a netter and blogger or online business, traffic is very important for all bloggers or internet marketers definitely want a famous website and can be a profitable business. Actually there are many ways that we can do to help increase the number of visitors to our site. Some efforts to increase traffic to our site can do for free, but there are also a source of traffic that it needs capital. Strategies such as what is the most suitable for your blog / website?

In this article I will try to explain some of the potential ways to increase traffic to our website, whether free or paid way. Although there are many ways that we can do, but not all the way to match the type of blog / website that we have. We must be wise in choosing the source of traffic in order to maximize results.
Increasing Traffic Blog / Website With Free Way

As I mentioned earlier, we can get the traffic to the business website or blog for free. But it takes sustained effort and the right way to traffic that is obtained in accordance with what we expect. Here are some ways to improve visitor visitor traffic blog / website for free

How to Increase Blog Traffic and Website Visitors Quickly

1 Walking Through Blog
Blog walking is an activity visit the blog / website to others who are still in touch with our blog, then leave a comment on the blog / website. There are many blogs that provide fields for leaving the website URL for people who leave a comment on their site, this is what should be utilized as well as possible.
Never leave a comment SPAM on other people's blogs because it will only give a bad image on you as a blogger or internet marketer. Make it a habit to read articles written first before leaving a comment so that you understand give appropriate comments to the topic of the article.
With the commented well and leave our blog URL in the field provided, then you will get a backlink to your site. In addition, the possibility of the other diners in the blog will also visit your site when they see comments you provide. From the blog walking we can get quite a lot of traffic, but it takes extra effort to leave a comment on the blogs of others first.

2 Through Social Bookmarking Sites
Social bookmarking sites originally created to help netter store their favorite website addresses, making it easier for them when they want to open the website in the future. In its development, social bookmarking sites are often used for SEO optimization and also to get traffic. Well, I write here is traffic directly from his Social bookmarking, not the effect to SEO a website.
We can save the URL of your blog / website or URL of the blog post article we belong to social bookmarking sites, with the hope that other users will be interested in our submit URL and visit our website to the social bookmarking media. In addition, social bookmarking sites are also often get traffic from search engines. So, I think your chances of getting traffic from the social bookmarking site potential and should be put to good use.

3 Through Social Media Site
Many people say, now that social media era and it is very true. The growth of social media users in Indonesia have already experienced a very significant increase. Plus smartphone growth in Indonesia has been very rapid. Most smartphone users must have an account on social media sites, at least one of the social media sites. Well, this certainly is a potential traffic large enough for us owners of the blog / website.
A popular business in the social media surely will not be difficult to get the attention of other social media users. That's why many businesses have increased their profits after optimize social media for their business. Some commonly used social media to get traffic is Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Actually there are several social media can be used, but based on my experience, 6 sites I mentioned it is the most popular social media.

4 Through the Site Forum
Site discussion forums are often used as a medium of internet marketers to get traffic to the blog / website of their business. There are many websites that allow links in forums in a thread or on the signature of their members. Surely this must be used in the best possible.
One thing we should notice is still maintaining a good name in the forum, read the forum rules before acting further. Do not make useless threads or threads that can make your reputation tarnished. Benefit from forum signature links as well as possible, use the link in the facility with reasonable forum thread. There are some forums do not allow links in the thread, do not violate the rule.
Some forums that I recommend to get traffic and backlinks is,,,,, and others. Still there are many forums that we can use to get referral traffic, but I suggest to focus on the forum be some of the most potential for your business.

5. Guest Posts on Other Blogs
There are many blogs which provide opportunities for others to submit articles / content and put a link on their blog. Surely the article / content we post on the blog should be in accordance with the criteria they specify. We can put our business website link in the author, author of several blogs allow them to put a link in the article. In addition to providing SEO effect, referral traffic from blogs is certainly quite a lot, especially when we write blog articles that are well known.
Actually there are many other free ways to get visitors to the site. But five ways that I mentioned above has actually been very good if we can optimize it. I myself focus on four ways because in addition to providing direct traffic, the four ways that I mentioned above has proven to provide a good SEO impact on my blog. A good SEO course will enable our site will get free traffic from the search engines, for example Google.
Increasing Traffic Blog / Website With Pay Method

For those of you who do not want to wait for process optimization with free manner, it can be a paid way to get traffic to the blog / website of your business. Advertise in some media can provide excellent impact in increasing traffic, but that is not too extravagant, it helps us to choose the media that it is really effective and in accordance with the target business sites. Here are some ways to increase visitor traffic blog / website by way of pay:

 How to Increase Blog Traffic and Website Visitors Quickly

1. Posting Ads On Social Media Sites
Facebook is the most effective social media for advertising because advertising in social media conversion this one proved to be very good. In Facebook Ads we can choose the most appropriate target audience with the categories we need, this is what will affect the effectiveness of the ads that we post.
Based on my experience, advertising in Facebook Ads is very easy to do. We can adjust how much budget we want to spend on a click on an ad, and we can also set the target audience according to our business.

Tips for Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Program

Success in affiliate marketing depends on the type of affiliate marketing that you follow. To become a top marketer, you definitely have to participate / join in an affiliate program that offers a range of products bemacam berkualiatas. Especially for the online business beginners, here are few tips on how to choose a good affiliate marketing program before joining and menggelutinya:
  1. Affiliate programs related to various experts and particular niche usually located in some levels and in accordance with quality standards. In this case you should know that the products produced have a real and good benefits.
  2. The program is intended to target the growing market, that is a product of the program is needed and is much sought after in the market at the present time. And it ensures and helps to facilitate the search for referrals as much as possible.
  3. Programs that have good management, many affiliate programs that provide fee / profit results to 30%. Look for one that is close to or even more, do not waste time just megikuti program2 substantial and not in accordance with our wages.
  4. Sales target, keep in mind many affiliate companies that provide requirements that must be met to earn a commission if a given target is met. Make sure you are ready and able to reach their targeted requirements.
  5. Seek as much information about the affiliate company, do not get fooled that you just follow the fake programs. Ask for recommendations from people who have followed him. Join affiliate forums, follow the discussion, and do not forget to ask questions about the affiliate marketing program you follow.

Besides finding out information about affiliate marketing, it would not hurt you to find information about online business can be done without leaving the job.

Online Business, Home Based Business Opportunity or Work Outside

Business opportunities online business getting bigger, the article advances in technology and communications have opened up a wide range of commercial transactions online. If you are interested in targeting business opportunities online business and make it as a side business or home business, then there are several things that must be prepared. Yes, without a preparation, as any business will not thrive.

What are the advantages to target business opportunities online business?
The question that often comes from people who do not know the ins and outs of the online world, or people who just take advantage of the online world as a means of entertainment only. In general, online business opportunity is quite alluring and seductive, especially for teenagers or young workforce and mother a housewife. The advantage to target business opportunities online business is in addition does not require large capital, can also be done by anyone, not requiring special expertise or skill, does not require certification or diploma from any educational institution, can be done as a home-based business, and can be used as a sideline.

To run an online business as a home business or side business, you do not need to linger in school education, or do not need to submit a business proposal from one bank to another just to get a big capital. Why? Because of this online business can be done by anyone, even by children 6th grade though. And of course you do not need to hold large infestations or large operational costs. Office could use a boarding room or living room, or even kitchen though. Operational costs? You simply remove the practical operating costs to pay for monthly internet connection and electricity.

Is online business opportunities do not require labor?
Depending on how the online business concept chosen and how you manage it. It is not much different from other business practices. As far as the business capacity can still be handled alone, of course, does not require manpower. To start and pioneering online business as a sideline business or a home, most people through without labor roles. It is also the same when you open up a food stall at home, or open a small business in the kiosk rental, most of which have not been through this also requires labor. So, it really depends how the concept of online business that will be developed.

How to prepare to start an online business and make it as a home-based business or a sideline?
You have to start by understanding how business opportunities online business can be run. In general, business opportunities online business can be run and thrive when we have a strong online network. Thus, the main strategy that will be developed in running an online business is to build a strong network. Strong network can be constructed from a variety of existing social networks, such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.. In addition, building a network can also be done through social forums that exist, such as second forum, kaskus forum, forums compass, etc..

The next step is mental preparation. Yes, managing an online business even though only a home-based business or a sideline, but really need a strong mental. Because, this business opportunity can not be realized within just one or two months. Strong mental will direct and drive us to continue to manage the consistency, although financially immature. Understanding how this business opportunity can be run, will help raise awareness, that consistency should remain awake until you can enjoy it. Without a strong mental preparation, impossible consistency can be awakened within you. Without consistency, it is impossible online business opportunities can be realized.

Once you understand and mentally prepare to target business opportunities online business, the next step is the decision to start. Just that. Remember, your first step will determine the future of thousands of steps. Once you start it, looking for as much information as possible about your business online. How is the concept that will be developed, and how the shape of the business to be run. After that, select an option and work with your consistency.

How do I create a concept for realizing the business opportunities?

There are several types of online business opportunities that could be your target, and adjust to the abilities, hobbies, and your potential. After selecting the type of business opportunity, then naturally you can make the most appropriate concept with potential. Some types of business opportunities that can be used as a home-based business or sideline them in online business is blogging, the program paid to click (PTC), typing captcha, online marketing services, selling goods online, selling online services, etc..

What do I need to start an online business as a home-based business or a sideline?

Normative question, and reasonable, since for beginners, information about online business is very minimal. Not many devices are needed to target the online business opportunities. You must have at least one unit of a computer or laptop equipped with internet network. That's it, the rest is your willingness to start.

How to tips to build a network to develop business opportunities online business?

Building a functioning network to promote your online business venture. There are many things you can do to build the network. If you are a Facebook user, social networking has a very high users, even users Facebook is almost equal reputation google users. You can play and use Facebook to network and promote your business online. Besides Facebook, other social networks that have a high reputation is Twitter. Take advantage of the existence of Twitter, so your business can be more widely known. There's more that you should not leave, if you want to build a network and promote business opportunities that you get up to develop an online business, which is Google Plus. Social networks run by Google This has many advantages, including the very extensive network and there are no restrictions on the number of people who follow you. With the advantage of Google Plus, you are not limited to introducing an online business that is being piloted only in the circle of friends you have, but can be more broadly. Google Plus users are also more blended into one container, so that when you promote a product or business, then thousands and even millions of people who will see your posts. A myriad of advantages possessed by this one social networking. But keep in mind, do not be too vulgar and extravagant in playing Google +, because it will be considered spam by the admin. To create and start join Google Plus, you can go through the url

Personally, until this article was created, I just rely on Google Plus to boost my online business reputation. Not ignore other social networks, but it is time that I used to play in a Google Plus is very large, so almost no time to play in other social networks. Understandably, an online business that I developed was administered alone at home. Do not let this great business opportunity pass you by. Capture and realized the business opportunity.

Online Business Opportunities

There are many options of online business opportunities that you may run. Below are some examples of business opportunities that can be selected.
  1. Blogging, with a revenue target of advertising or adsense program. If you have the skills and penchant for writing, then blogging the right choice. Besides writing hobby, also can make money is not small.
  2. Forex or trading, this type of business requires little specialized expertise, especially the sharpness and accuracy of our analysis to predict the movement of international currencies. If you have a sharpness in the analysis, this option online business Sagat match.
  3. Online store, you can create a blog specifically to offer your merchandise. If you choose this business, of course, have to consider the right merchandise, which is suitable for long distance shipment.
  4. Services of a designer, if you have a high ability and creativity in design, then this option is perfect. Customize with your ability. Some designers services business opportunities that can run among other things, making web design services, design services clothing design, graphic design manufacturing services, etc..
  5. Typing captcha, there are many sites that provide business opportunities for captcha typing, browsing and searching your stay more complete information. This effort takes you in the habit of typing. The more skilled and fast hands you type, the more likely you will get paid. This effort was hailed by many women.
  6. Services Sales VCC (virtual credit card), this effort basically provides a virtual credit card facility which can be used to verify paypal account.
  7. Virtual office rental services, personally I do not know much about this one type of business, therefore, you can search for it by browsing the internet. 
This information can we provide a brief, hopefully to inspire the spirit and willpower you in capturing business opportunities. For more information about the type and shape of the existing business opportunities, please your own browsing in accordance with the requirements of the necessary information. Thank you, congratulations starting online business ventures and good luck

5 Tips For Consumers Back Trusting Your Business

Every human being must not escape from errors and mistakes, including you as a businessman. You must never take the decisions or actions that ultimately hurt customers. When you have this, of course you and your customer relationships can be tenuous or even the customer can no longer believe in the quality of your business.

Do not panic and concerned with problems that you accidentally lakukan.Tenangkanlah yourself to the mind more clearly to think about how what you can do to restore customer trust. Well, as a form of anticipation when you accidentally make a mistake in business, first read the following important tips is that the customer does not already disappointed in the integrity of your business:

1 Present Information About Business In Full

To avoid misunderstandings about your business. Try to complete the information, terms and conditions through offline media (brochures, banners, pamphlets, etc.) and online media (websites, blogs or other social media). Complete and detailed information can minimize misperceptions and the expected customer intent.
You can also add a feature FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which includes a number of inquiries and complaints are often delivered your customers. FAQ will be one valuable guide for prospective customers who are new to your business.
In the process of providing information about your business is actually the most important is how the exposure is really present your business and not to get meaningful things two or confusing. Be honest and clear, that's what it takes.

2. Apologizes As Soon As Possible

Business travel is always tinged with a variety of constraints, lack cermatan or inaccuracy of the actors involved in it. Advice and criticism should be leveled by the customer can be addressed politely, gracefully and make it as a very useful enter.
Do not put faces sullen or angry when your customers are upset and expressed his complaint against your business. Immediately raise polite apology to customers who are feeling disappointed. Use language that is friendly, polite expressions and earnest to the customer can accept your apology.

3 Do not underestimate Greeting Customers

It would be nice if we demonstrate a sense of caring and started trying to listen to customer complaints properly and carefully. Let your customers vent anger to finish and do not try to cut him off.
 Usually the customer will be improved emotion after devoting his disappointment towards your business. This indirectly will also give us an opportunity to think about the best solution for the business problem you are experiencing. So, stay calm and not be affected by the emotional state of the heats.

4 Keep Being a Confident Businessman

Keep a businessman who believes himself after responding to complaints and disappointments delivered by the customer. Complete the confident attitude and great spirit with action to improve and enhance the quality of the business armed with valuable input and criticism from your customers.
Perform a positive way to re-establish communication with the customer is familiar. Polite and ethical attitude will make customers feel shy and this will gradually recover their loyalty to your business. Sometimes this is the hardest stage, often a lot of entrepreneurs who began to doubt the continuation of its business when encountering obstacles or consumer distrust.

5. Give Gift For Apology Form

You can give as a gift in the form of a real apology to customers. For example, customers feel disappointed at your culinary products which decreased the quality of taste, then you can attempt to restore their confidence by giving them a free product tester with improved flavor quality. Or you can also give discounts to customers who are experiencing disappointment.
So, whatever the type of customer that we encounter, try to always deal with a cool head and heart with big hearts. Do not make the customer disappointment as a failure in business. However, begin to accept advice and criticism with open arms. Because there is virtually no business that does not go through obstacles to reach the pinnacle of success. Keep the spirit and become business wise, yes.

5 Tips For Consumers Back Trusting Your Business



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