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Trying Amazon Affiliate Business Succes, Inc. is a multinational electronic commerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States. Jeff Bezos founded the company (with the name Cadabra) in July 1994 and the site on the air with the name of 1995 Amazon has several retail website for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and China, with international shipping some of its products to other countries

Parties gives publishers the opportunity to have a website or blog to earn money from his website by offering affiliate programs (Amazon Associates), and all the publishers around the world can participate in this program.

To become an affiliate as the seller or products we have to register first (free), for the registration you can visit the website affiliate program. The Commission obtained by the publisher every time there is a sale of affiliates link is 4% - 8.5% of the total price of the goods sold, the more products sold, the percentage of the amount of commission will be many more.

For my friends who are just starting out or after reading this just want to start, here are some tips to be successful in business Amazon Affiliate

1 Attach Items Best Seller
Installing the best seller of goods that will allow friends to sell goods / amazon products displayed on your website or blog. as another instance of goods sold at the amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon's tablet computers are much-loved in the world and the Kindle fire on the search engines like google could be around 1 million keywords per day. of course this will make it easier to sell amazon products.

2 Do not Use 1 Id Tracker Only for some Website
If friends run a few websites but only using one tracker id only then you have made a big mistake. why is that? because by using 1 tracker ID just so friends can not monitor or know any websites that are growing and which websites are dim or not running. Therefore put on more than one tracker ID will allow you to determine what items are in demand at one of your website

3 Familiarize Discussing Something then associate with Amazon Products
Well mistakes most actors Indonesian affiliate. average they do posts on A and put amazon products that are not related to the A. for the blogger friends who want a successful affiliate business make it a habit to discuss the product or meriview but associate the goods in accordance with what you review. for example you meriview Ultimate Acer Aspire S2 then make it a habit to put a link of this product are available at amazon and put it in the post / article you. Do not even you put another link such as link apple laptops, or laptops hp. etc.

Put links Affiliate Figure 4.
By putting a picture and make a direct link to amazon will make post / article you are interesting. if the reader has to feel attracted to your post and want to buy a product that you describe in web / blog. he would easily buy it by clicking on the image available in your posts. do not forget to put the pictures in accordance with your goods diartikel your review.

5 Use the rules of SEO Friendly
using the web / blog seo friendly will facilitate web / blog friends appear in the search engines. use good writing, no copy and paste, in accordance with good language kaedah. and as much as possible to make your website or blog sepropesional possible.

Step 6: Use the Amazon button Buy Now
buy amazon Because according to the survey mentioned that this amazon button will add confidence blogatau readers to buy through your website.

7-Day Focus On Big Day
Surely you know that the great days people will usually spend a lot of money to shop well use this time to determine what the target-related goods and much sought after on the big day. For example, on Black Friday in the United States where in the day people flock to shop and see what items are being crowded at that time such as the Apple products including the Apple Ipad 2 then increase related posts on the Apple Ipad 2 once again to remember as much as possible record and review the items you want to sell over the internet.

A few tips via amazon affiliate business success, if your friends are already much business amazon affiliate may be shared with the comment below, so that all friends of science can be followed by another amazon beginner businessmen


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