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Why Best Products Can Be Lost In Marketing Competition ???

Currently, many business players who have short thinking in terms of marketing a product. They assume that if you want to win in the competition of marketing a product is enough to make or produce a good quality product ... But it turns out that opinion is wrong ... The quality of the product can not determine success in marketing the product itself ... They do not whatever is done taking into account their competitors to win the marketing of a product
 There are several other causes that can lead to the best products actually fell in the competition. Causes that usually occurs as the availability of funds, the absence of product innovation updates, weak distribution and too perfectionist, could be a stumbling block numbers to win the competition.So winning the competition in a business is not just about good products and perfect it. You must consider various factors that may affect the fall of the products you have. Do not let a mistake - a mistake that you think is small can destroy the best product that you have.

The views of the causes of the defeat of products is delivered by Nicolas Wittenborn in an article published in the Medium. He explained about how best product does not necessarily become the winner of a business competition. Many things become factors will cause the defeat of a product. So what are the causes? see explanation 6 causes the best product to lose in the competition.

1. Ignore the Network Effect 

Liquidity is a key to success for a business to win the market, society and everything that grows on a network. Scale first is something that is very important moreover it provides significant developments that can not be described with words - words. The real winner is the winner who can win the competition in all categories that exist in a market.

2. The slow process of internationalization 

In a business you surely will be dealing with local competitors as soon as your business concept proved to walk or even before your business goes. You should soon start to see a lot of followers who entered the market you are entering. And immediately undertake the development of a much broader market.

3. Too Perfectionist 

Have a high expectation of reasonable if you are setting up your product as good as possible. But whether to start with all of it is the right decision. Many businesses fall when investing in designs and products. You have to remember you can memperharaui your product regularly and relaunch the product you have.

4. Loss of Direction

 In the business world you probably will not ever get a perfect product. But you do not fear failure. Make sure you take the right decisions while you are developing a product that you have. Do not let the obstacles that appears to make you lose your way.

5. Weak Distribution

 Distribution is key to the survival of a #startup. But in fact many teams that focus on the product does not recognize it. Especially for large products that convert more good things than mediocre product, startup that focuses on product if it has thought to develop the distribution startup will lose a lot of opportunities to get the right distribution for this startup.

6. Lack of Funding 

Many of the businesses are too focused on their products and they get caught up in the way to success. Focusing on product is legitimate - legitimate course but they also have to think about funding, if they release a subtly funding then they give a chance to their competitors for first drove aggressively to obtain funding.

All the above article is a point that should not dismiss you to continue to be creative to deliver a better product. While having a great product will definitely give you an edge over your competitors in a variety of direct comparison.

In a competitive market the idea that the best product does not automatically win more than mere wishful thinking because although adan great products but points - points above it is still often the case it can be said of your product can fail. However, if you can build a product that is really great, you are already half way in taking that success, and immediately realize the product.

So that I can convey Why Best Products Can Be Lost In Marketing Competition ??? .. May be useful for you all ..Send Regards For Success ...


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